Enhance Your Brows with Brow Tint

Enhance Your Brows with Brow Tint

We’ve been offering a really amazing service since we’ve opened our doors and it’s spread like wildfire.  Don’t you want the ability to have brows that are crisp and beautifully sculpted from the moment you wake up?  Then brow tint may be the service for you.  Brow tint is hassle free and gives you the ability to not have to fill in your brows with powder or pencil everyday.  The tint is made specifically for eyebrows and eyelashes and is a temporary coloring that lasts up to two weeks.  It can be applied in just a few minutes.
Brow tinting works best on a client that has minimal baldness within their brows.  The brow tint adheres both to the brow hairs and the skin.  Maintenance for brow tinting is minimal however you want to avoid excessive rubbing the brow area when washing your face.  With brows we always recommend regular maintenance through a trained professional.  Brows are the most important feature on your face.  You want to be sure to take excellent care of them.
Love your eyebrows!
xo, LA

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  1. Dane Webb says:

    I’ve been wearing tint for about 7 months it’s thee best service for the bold looking eyebrow. It defines the arch and adds the faction most of us lack and that’s a full brow

  2. Toshia Peterson says:

    I had the best service here my eyebrows look great I have been to two different people for my eyebrows and they just weren’t done right well my search stops here my 85 year old aunt said your eyebrows look really nice lol I knew that she had done good!!!

  3. Lywanda Gelan says:

    Very happy and pleased with the level of service provided by DeLane on my 1st visit at the Wax Bar on Friday 2/26/2016. She was extremely professional and has a great spirit and demeanor. I found it very helpful that she texted me precise directions on how to locate her suite. My eyebrows definitely looked AMAZING after she finished! I will definitely return and spread the word about her!

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